Northeast Ohio Local Resources:

museum artArt in the Afternoon

Art Tours for individuals with memory loss and their care partners
Program is a partnership between: Alzheimer's Association, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland Museum of Art
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University Circle, Inc.
Stimulating learning opportunities are offered by University Circle organizations and other content providers, using available technology over the Internet, to support creative and successful aging in residential continuing care communities and neighborhood senior centers. Read the executive summary of a case study on interactive educational videoconferencing with seniors to promote cognitive health and wellness, "Introducing Videoconferencing to Seniors for Wellness in Active Aging Communities," here.

National Resources:

The Directory of Creative Aging Programs in America
Features arts programs serving older people, including intergenerational activities, in a variety of settings. It is searchable by location, arts discipline, adaptive design and/or program setting.

Elders Share the Arts
Advocates for equal arts access for older adults and artists who challenge traditional notions about how people experience aging, and focuses on the individual's potential for healthy aging through creative expression. Living history arts programs integrate personal reminiscence, oral history, and art making, include visual arts, theatre arts, writing, storytelling, dance, music, and digital photography.

Global Alliance for Arts & Health
Dedicated to advancing arts as integral to healthcare by demonstrating the valuable roles the arts can play in enhancing the healing process; advocating for the integration of the arts into the environment and delivery of care within healthcare facilities; assisting in the professional development and management of arts programming for healthcare populations; providing resources and education to healthcare and arts professionals; and encouraging and supporting research and investigation into the beneficial effects of the arts in healthcare.

mindRAMP & Associates, LLC
Develops and delivers practical, up-to-date brain health programs and practices for individuals and organizations looking to enhance their cognitive environment. Maintains that learning, creativity and meaningful engagement can - and should - continue throughout the lifespan as essential ingredients for healthy, vibrant minds.

MoMA Azheimer's Project
A nationwide expansion of MoMA's art and dementia programs, includes resources for museums, assisted living facilities, and other community organizations.

National Center for Creative Aging
Dedicated to fostering an understanding of the vital relationship between creative expression and healthy aging and to developing programs that build on this understanding. NCCA focuses its efforts within three target areas: Health and Wellness; Lifelong Learning; and Community Engagement.

Songwriting Works
Engages older adults and families in hands-on songwriting and performance using an internationally recognized method proven to restore health and community. Trains music, arts, and health practitioners and caregivers seeking to bring the power of song "best pracitice approaches" to their clients and family members.

Oldest senior theater company in the U.S. Brings performance arts training (theater, storytelling, and music) to older adults who perform for younger generations.

Taskforce: Arts & Human Development
The National Endowment for the Arts and the U.S. Dept of Health & Human Services hosted an event to showcase recent research. The forum examined the relationship between the arts and positive health and educational outcomes at various segments of the lifespan - from early childhood to youth and adolescence, to older adult populations.
This white paper summarizes major themes from the forum, and highlights related studies.
The Arts and Human Development: Framing a National Research Agenda for the Arts, Lifelong Learning, and Individual Well-Being

TimeSlips™ Creative Storytelling
Opens storytelling to everyone by replacing the pressure to remember with the freedom to imagine. Invites people with dementia to express themselves and connect with others, the TimeSlips method is fun for anyone.